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Tri-County scholarships are made possible by the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations. Whether large or small donors, what these supporters have in common is the desire to provide disadvantaged New Jersey children with the opportunity for a quality education. ALL donations of all sizes are vital and appreciated. 

Whatever support you can provide will make a difference. 

Please consider making a difference today. 




Donate through our secure online systerm.

Make it


Tri-County makes it easy to make a monthly donation in support of TCSF year round.

In Memory or

In Honor

 Tri-County partners with Small Token to make your Tribute Donation.

Just click on the link that says

♡ Give in honor of someone

below the donate button.



Help keep students in their schools after unplanned financial upheaval.

Support Our Events


 get hooked on helping

Fund A Student


scholarship program

Let Tri-County match you with a student to sponsor through their grade school or high school years. You can follow your student’s academic progress by receiving a copy of his or her annual report card. Tri-County makes it easy to donate, either annually, or through monthly donations, spread out over the year.

​Want to make a bigger impact? Consider creating a named or tribute scholarship that can fund scholarships for students over multiple years. Tri-County would be happy to help you work out the details and can specify your scholarship for a student at a partner school of your choice.

Attend a Fundraising Event

Attend one of our fundraisers with friends and colleagues. We promise you a fun and inspiring experience. Learn about the amazing impact Tri-County is making on our scholars and their families. We are certain that you will be moved by the testimonies of our scholars and become hooked on helping them. We have a long waiting list of other students just waiting for your help.

a School Visit

About once per academic quarter during the school year, Tri-County trustees and supporters enjoy the opportunity to visit our students at their schools, and remind them that we are among their biggest fans.​

Join us at an elementary school to see the children thriving in their classrooms, or attend a high school visit and participate in some rewarding student mentoring.



and friend-raise

Introduce us to your friends by following us on social media and commenting on our posts.

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Celebrating a special milestone and feeling grateful for the education that you received? Why not help lift up a less fortunate student to give them an opportunity to succeed. Start a personal fundraiser with our fundraising pages.

Special Gifts


secure the future

A planned gift in support of Tri-County Scholarship Fund can help you meet your financial and charitable goals, while creating a better future for thousands of inner-city boys and girls. Planned giving makes financial sense for donors who desire to maximize their charitable giving. These thoughtful donors create a powerful legacy while experiencing the joy now of making a truly transformative impact through their bequest.

Edward L. Hennessy
Edward L.
Hennessy, Jr.
Planned Gift
Margaret A. Darrin
Margaret A.
Darrin Charitable Trust
$1MM Gift
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