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Tri-County Scholarship Fund’s Fund A Student program matches donors with low-income students who currently receive Tri-County scholarship assistance. As a sponsor, you will enable hardworking students to receive a quality education in a safe and values-oriented setting. Your student will be encouraged toward success by a positive peer group, by caring teachers, and by your belief in them.   ​

Tri-County Scholarship Fund awards three types of scholarships for financially needy students to attend one of our accredited partner schools. Donors can choose to participate at one of these three “Fund a Student” scholarship levels:

  1. K-8th grade student for just $2,250 per year.

  2. High school student for $4,000 per year 

  3. High School Freedom Scholar: for $5,000 per year, representing an enhanced scholarship level for the most academically promising high school students, who maintain a “B” or better GPA.  


When you commit to a scholarship at one of these levels, you can choose to receive your student’s annual report card. 

Scholarship recipients must re-apply each year in order update their financial need status, but current students are given priority. Tri-County is committed to seeing each student through to graduation. The clear priority is to provide continuity of scholarship support in order to maximize each student’s opportunity for success. 


By Funding a Student you will be an integral part of that child’s life - providing hope and opportunity - and empowering your student to success.



Yearly Scholarships


make a lasting impact

Creat a named scholarship


Your Own



Work with Tri-County to develop the appropriate scholarship to help the type of student you have in mind.


Giving Level


Let Tri-County facilitate and administer your named scholarship as a tribute to a loved one.

Hundreds of students are currently on our waiting list, hoping that Tri-County Scholarship Fund will find a sponsor for them. In order to move a child off of our waiting list we need to secure the funding for them for the duration of their tuition assistance—typically 5 years or more depending on their age or circumstances. 


Speak to the Tri-County staff about a giving level that supports the number of students that you would like to help. If you would like your donation to assist a student at your specified school, we can arrange that.

With your named scholarship, you will be updated about your student(s) progess throughout the school year with correspondence from the student and their report card.

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