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Donor Privacy Policy

Tri-County Scholarship Fund (“TCSF”) holds donor privacy in high regard.  Accordingly, TCSF is committed to the following:


  1. It will not share or sell a donor’s personal information (i.e. residence address, business address, email address, telephone number, fax number, cell phone number) with anyone else, nor will it send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations; and

  2. It will only share or sell personal information as described above once the donor has given TCSF express permission in writing to do so; and

  3. It will remove a donor’s name from its mailing list upon request from the donor or, in the alternative, it will restrict mailings to a donor to only those that the donor has specified it wants to receive.


TCSF requests that express permission to share or sell personal information as referenced in Section 2 above and requests to remove a name from its mailing list or to restrict the nature of the mailings to a donor as referenced in Section 3 above be sent by mail or email to the attention of Michael Mund, TCSF Office Manager.

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