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Margaret A. Darrin

$1 Million Gift from the

Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust

Margaret A Darrin
Margaret A. Darrin
Message from the Charitable Trust:

"The Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust was created through the vision and generosity of the late Margaret A. Darrin. Among the Trust's priorities, it seeks to empower and positively transform the lives of individuals facing extraordinary adverse circumstances.

Mrs. Darrin was a firm believer in the power of education as a gateway to success. To honor this core belief, the Margaret A. Darrin Trust is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the Tri-County Scholarship Fund to provide so many deserving children with the opportunity to attend a safe, high quality, values based school.

Tri-County Scholarship Fund's proven model, and exemplary record of success were key factors in the Trust's decision to make a major grant. The gift, which is the most significant in the history of the Trust, stands as a testament to the Trust's strong belief in Tri-County's mission."

Tri-County is very grateful for the generous grant from the Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust. 
  • $150,000 was awarded in direct scholarships—instantly lifting 53 children off of our 2018-2019 scholarship waiting list.
  • $850,000 was invested to fund the subsequent year's schooling for these 53 students through graduation, and for many more students in the future.
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