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Winter e-News 2023

Dear Tri-County Friends,

Coming off a strong 2022, we are well on our way with planning for 2023 Tri-County events, all in-person this year. Scroll below for the dates, and plan to join us.

Thank you for helping to fund scholarships for a record 820 students in grades K-12 for the current school year. This includes scholarships for 20 Ukrainian refugee children who landed in New Jersey after escaping from their war-torn homeland. How rewarding to be able to help children at their time of need, so they can attend a quality school, where they feel safe and nurtured, and where they are able to rise above the challenging personal and financial circumstances of their young lives.

Scholarship applications are pouring in for the next school year. We anticipate a longer waiting list of deserving students, and hope to provide scholarships for 835 children in the coming year. Thank you for your generosity, for attending our events and for continuing to help these vulnerable children. Together we are making a difference. Please know that you are appreciated by Tri-County and by the grateful scholarship children we serve.

Looking forward to seeing you in person this year!



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