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Tri-County Scholarship Fund Students Benefit from the Chubb Golf Outing

The Chubb Corporation held its 79th annual Hendon Chubb Golf Outing on Friday, May 30th, 2014.  The outing was held at the beautiful Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey.  There were enough golfers from Chubb that 3 courses were utilized:  Wild Turkey, Ballyowen and Black Bear.

What made this event special for Tri-County was the invitation from Chubb executives to send a team of volunteers to run a ‘pot of gold’ contest on two of the courses and a 50/50 raffle at the luncheon.  Six college students volunteered to facilitate these fundraisers.

At the luncheon, Chubb’s CFO Ricky Spiro spoke about the fund and what it accomplishes for New Jersey inner-city children, as did Gregory Floyd, the President of Tri-County.  Thanks to Ricky’s words of encouragement and the generosity of the Chubb employees and retirees, Tri-County received $ 3,815.00 to add to its scholarship income.

A grade school scholarship from Tri-County amounts to $ 2,000 per student per year.  Therefore, Chubb employees essentially provided two additional inner-city children the opportunity to attend a private, high performing school next year, one that will propel them to academic and personal success.

It was a great outing for the Chubb employees and a great day for the children of Tri-County!


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