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Monica Pope, 2008 Tri-County Alumna, Committed to Giving Back

It’s not easy balancing a demanding full-time career while also becoming a successful entrepreneur, but somehow Tri-County alumna Monica Pope accomplishes it with grace, style, and passion.

Monica is a 2008 graduate of Paterson Catholic High School. Her attendance was supported by the Tri-County Scholarship Fund, awarding her a scholarship each year for 4 years. She went on to Fairleigh Dickinson University on a 4-year Hennessey Scholarship, a program established by Tri-County’s co-founder Ed Hennessey in collaboration with FDU.

Committed to giving back to her community, her first job after graduation was helping abused children and families through the Child Protection and Permanency Department, a division of the NJ Department of Children and Families.

“I loved it,” says Monica, “because I was helping protect vulnerable children and families, often through the court system.”

As a strong proponent of self-improvement, she attended FDU at night to earn her master’s degree in public administration. Six years later, being very knowledgeable about the court system, she took a new job as Court Administrator for the Essex County Superior Court. She now works closely with attorneys and judges, facilitating efficient services and fair treatment for defendants.

At an early age Monica also grew a passion for becoming a real estate entrepreneur. Growing up, she experienced first-hand the challenges her family faced in their small painting business. She put her combined interests in business and real estate to use when she was just 23, buying a small rental property in Passaic County, NJ. Two years later she bought a rental property in Ohio. She gradually purchased other rental properties.

Says Monica, “I try to be an amazing landlord and give tenants great quality. I manage my properties myself and try to help my community. I recently prioritized renting a 4-unit property to community victims whose homes had burned down.” Monica continues, “I want to give back in whatever way I can. People help you when they see you trying, whatever your circumstances. I really want to find my voice as a woman to talk to others about empowerment – to be an instrument to inspire them.

'Education is the reason I can do what I do. I never could have done what I’m doing without my education, and Tri-County helped me get that. I’d like to say thank you to all Tri-County donors for your support!”


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