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Investors Savings Bank Invests in the Children of Tri-County Scholarship Fund

Investors Savings Bank knows a thing or two about investing.  That is why Ada Melendez, Investors Vice President and Director of Community Development, recently visited the Tri-County Scholarship Fund office.  On August 13, Ms. Melendez presented a check for $1,000.00 to Gregory Floyd, President of the fund.  The donation will cover part of an elementary school scholarship for the coming year.  “Investing in the education of a child is a privilege that reaps rewards for years to come,” said Gregory Floyd, Tri-County’s president, adding:  “Investing in the education of a student is investing in the future of that child and in the future of our country.  The rewards are immense.”  In the past four years, Tri-County scholarship recipients have been accepted to Colgate, Cornell, Rutgers, Villanova, Georgetown, UCLA, Columbia, NYU and Notre Dame, among others, most of them on full scholarships.