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Dr. Krystal Green, Alum

Dr. Krystal Green, M.D. specializes in family medicine at Vanguard Medical. She graduated from the University of Miami with a major in Biology, and received her medical degree from Ross

University School of Medicine. When Krystal became a primary care physician, she fulfilled a long-standing dream that began when she was just three years old. At the time, she was offering comfort to her mother on the stillbirth of Krystal’s younger brother. “I told her that I wanted to be a doctor so that people don’t lose their family members ever again,” said Krystal.

Both Krystal and her mother, Pam, credit Tri-County with paving the road to her educational success.

Thanks to the kindness of the donors, their help paved the way for me to continue at Immaculate Heart Academy. It was an excellent educational foundation,” said Krystal. Added her mother Pam, “Thank you for allowing me to keep all 3 of my children in good independent schools.”


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