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Bayer employees donate bicycles for TCSF recipients

bayer bicycles

On Thursday, Nov. 13, we received an unusual call at Tri-County Scholarship Fund.  A speaker from The Leader’s Institute was coming to Parsippany to present their popular “Build a Bike” workshop for a group of Bayer employees the following day (yes, the employees learn teamwork and problem-solving by building bicycles!).  His only problem:  he needed an organization to give six brand new “Huffy” bikes to on the following day!  Tri-County leapt into action and called the principal of Blessed Sacrament school in downtown Paterson, who not only said yes to receiving the bikes but came the next day with a friend’s truck, in order to take them back to Paterson where they will make six needy kids very happy this Christmas.

We had the chance to speak about Tri-County to 30 employees who were moved to discover that this organization is “right down the road” from them.  The workshop leader wrote to us after the event.  Here’s what he said:

I would like to personally thank you for participating in our Build-a-Bike event on Friday, with Bayer. I am proud to have to found your group and more than ecstatic that you were able to attend and receive the bikes on behalf of your organization.  I appreciate the background and message you shared.  I know there will be some happy kids and that is a great reward in itself.  However, the organization you have dedicated your life to, and the cause you represent, is absolutely paramount and I humbly commend you. Thank you again for your help and support.  We will surely contact you again for future events.


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