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Back to School 2021 Newsletter

President's Message

Dear Friends of Tri-County,

As another challenging new school year begins in the shadow of COVID, Tri-County celebrates the tenacity of our partner schools and scholarship students. We are grateful for the generosity of all of you who supported this great mission, coming through for the children at their time of greatest need.

And the need continues. We must continue to be there for these children - to give their lives some sense of continuity and community, and the hope that is made possible through a safe, quality education. For this school year, Tri-County has awarded scholarships for 750 financially needy children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. That’s a record number of scholarships, including the renewal of emergency scholarships for the 200 children whose families were particularly hard hit by the economic impact of the pandemic.

Know that there are an additional, equally needy, 1900 children on our scholarship waiting list.

Join us in this important mission. We invite you to view and support the live-streaming 40th Annual Awards Celebration on October 25th. Please consider a scholarship donation. We ask you to do whatever you can, and know that you will be giving a life-changing opportunity to a grateful child. Thank you for making this difference in their lives. God bless you.

With great appreciation,

Prudence Pigott


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