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Ronnie Vergara & Monmouth University

Academic life was not always smooth for Ronnie Vergara.  Now a successful Sophomore double-majoring in Finance and Economics at Monmouth University, Ronnie felt frustrated when she started at DePaul Catholic High. “I struggled with many things, certainly academics and sports,” says Ronnie. “I hit a point where I almost gave up.”

Ronnie’s parents, Migdalia and Martin, married at age 18 and living in Paterson, worked extremely hard to instill positive values and a dedication to education into each of their 4 children. The two elder Vergara siblings have graduated from college. Ronnie is on track to graduate in 2019, and her younger sister Madison, also a Tri-County scholarship recipient, plans to attend college once she graduates from DePaul.

Ronnie continues to play softball, having achieved varsity status all 4 years at DePaul and winning four county championships.  She remains committed to trying to “make the earth a better place”, having volunteered with the Environmental Club throughout High School. “She’s always determined to help others,” says Horwath. Ronnie’s professional goals include working in the field of corporate finance. “She can achieve whatever she wants… The sky’s the limit… she has something inside herself – passion,” says Horwath.  Ronnie is thankful for her educational opportunities. “I don’t think my sister and I would both have been prepared to go to college without Tri-County. I would not be in the position I am now,” she says gratefully.


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