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DeAndre Tomlinson & Notre Dame University

Speaking with DeAndre Tomlinson revealed a young man who is extremely intelligent and well-spoken yet humble. A Sophmore at Notre Dame, on track to graduate in 2020, DeAndre recently declared his major, Scientific Computing, described as “an indispensable part of almost all scientific investigation and technological development.” His course of study will be combined with the rigors of a pre-med track. And if that’s not enough of a challenge, DeAndre double majors in Spanish.

Desiring to learn about Global Health in a Spanish-speaking environment, DeAndre applied for and received a generous grant from the Kellogg Institute. This past summer, he worked in a state-run hospital in Quito, Ecuador where he researched the differences between the Ecuadorian and American health systems.

From an early age, DeAndre was highly motivated to succeed. He maintained a 4.0 GPA all through his years at Paramus Catholic and participated in Model Congress as well as attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. He credits his mom, Carolene with motivating him, giving him a “good sense of morals and keeping me focused,” he says. Coming from a hard-working family of Jamaican immigrants living in Paterson, DeAndre says, “Being lazy is not an option…I saw people doing these great things and I wanted to emulate that.”

DeAndre struggled to find balance and success during his first semester at University of Notre Dame. Having decided to take 21 credits as well as participate in marching band, he found the intensity of course work and activities difficult to manage. “First semester was a real transition. Something had to give and sometimes it was a homework assignment,” admits DeAndre. He knew he needed assistance.

Dr. Thomas Anderson, Chairman of Romance Languages at Notre Dame became DeAndre’s trusted mentor. DeAndre wanted advice and listened well. Anderson advised him on how “to juggle requirements and time commitments,” how to feel less overwhelmed and even counseled him on some basics many Freshman can overlook, like advice “to sleep enough, eat well, and get exercise, and I think he took it to heart,” says Anderson. Calling his attitude, “refreshing,” Anderson says of DeAndre, “He’s made it very far already and he’s going to succeed in many ways.”

DeAndre certainly values Dr. Anderson’s guidance. “I learned so much from him and now I know what know the limits of what I can and cannot do in one day,” says DeAndre. In addition, he credits his achievements to Tri-County’s support. “Tri-County came into my life and I connected with people who knew the way to success…Tri-County has played a significant role in my life. It’s what led me to Notre Dame,” says DeAndre. And for that, he is very grateful.


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