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Alumni Update: Alessandra Veliz

Alessandra Veliz, Tri-County 2014 graduate of DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne, NJ

Alessandra (Ally) Veliz grew up in a home where education was valued at the highest level. Her mom Rosa, a Peruvian immigrant, displayed steely determination and resolve, attaining a bachelor’s degree after a divorce and making sure her 3 children had a good education. Even though they divorced, her mom and dad, Alberto, were united in wanting the best education for their children.

Inspired by her parents’ example, Ally excelled at DePaul Catholic, then in college at NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she majored in film.

Afterwards she rose through a series of challenging jobs that propelled her forward to the current job she loves. Head of Growth for Co-x3 Family Foundation, Ally brings her experience in corporate media and passion for marketing and business development to this non-profit, intending to help it grow into a global influencer offering tools to enable clients to meet their personal and business goals.

Prior to Co-X3, Ally was in marketing for a non-profit, IEEE, the largest global technical professional organization. While there, Ally taught herself 10 different software programs which she then taught to her co-workers.

"It was a very rewarding experience. If you hand me a problem, I can solve it,”she says.

Gabriela Gomez, Alumni & Student Engagement Coordinator, and Ally Veliz at Tri-County Night at the Devils

Ally was introduced to DePaul Catholic when her sister received a Tri-County scholarship. She was very grateful to get a scholarship too. “It saved me from going to a school district that wouldn’t have provided for me the way DePaul did. I want to create change in the world and would not have been able to be in my current position without De Paul and Tri-County."

A member of the newly formed, Friends of Tri-County group of alumni and young supporters who want to share the mission of Tri-County and raise funds as a group, Ally has been involved in planning the recent February 2024 event, Tri-County Night at the Devils. She also attended the 2023 Tri-County Annual Awards Dinner with a group of other past scholarship recipients.

Ally wants Tri-County to know, “You’re creating influence that makes young people want to go out and change the world the way that you changed their lives.”


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