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25th Annual Golf Invitational Recap

Tri-County Scholarship Fund Monday, June 5, 2017.  There were 32 foursomes lined up and eager to play in Tri-County’s 25th Annual Golf Outing at Morris County Golf Club.  The morning sky was slate grey; the forecast was for rain and thunderstorms.  However, Club leadership said: “We’re a ‘go.’”  With that, everyone headed on to the course and there was not a drop of rain during the entire round of play.  As always, the Club did a great job with food, drink and organizing the outing, and its new construction and landscaping were spectacular.  Over dinner, golfers enjoyed the day and were inspired to hear from scholarship recipient Brian Montecinos, a rising Junior at Paramus Catholic.  Brian told of how his parents, who emigrated here from Costa Rica and Colombia to pursue the American Dream, push their son to excel in his studies and extracurricular activities and to be a model for his young brother.  See photos below.

The golf outing raised over $150,000, all of which goes to scholarships for the 400 students that Tri-County serves.


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