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Nailah Anderson interns at the Turrell Fund

Tri-County graduate, Nailah Anderson excelled at a variety of tasks during her internship at the Turrell Fund this summer. “Prior to this internship I had no idea of the big impact Turrell has on New Jersey communities,” says Nailah, adding, “In this two-month period I’ve learned more about child development, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), grant-giving, and final reports than I ever thought possible! I joined current Vice President of Events, Justin Kiczek, for visits to the Community Foodbank of NJ, Sharron Miller Academy of Performing Arts, Student Partner Alliance, and so many others. I learned so much about the nonprofit world and just how necessary and beneficial nonprofits are to our society.”

Turrell President Curt Fields and Program Director, Justin Kiczek were very impressed with Nailah’s work ethic and critical thinking skills. “Nailah has been superb. A good listener, careful, curious, and friendly. My only problem with her is she is too efficient!” jokes Justin, adding, “In no time, she plowed through half of the projects I assigned her!” 

Nailah says, “I am more than thankful I got to meet and work amongst the people at Turrell. I’m excited to keep in contact with all the wonderful people I met along the way. Thank you, Tri-County, for introducing me to this wonderful internship”


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