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Winter e-Newsletter

Dear Tri-County Friends,

At Tri-County Scholarship Fund we send our congratulations and best wishes to the 88 Tri-County high school seniors who graduated this past June, and who are now headed off to college. Bravo! 


Now as our Tri-County partner schools are getting ready for the start of the new school year, we are proud to share the news that Tri-County has been able to provide scholarships for 830 K-12th grade students for this 2023/24 school year. These 830 children will now have the opportunity to attend a safe, quality, independent school, and have a chance in life. Thank you to our generous donors for making this possible.

Of course, our work does not end there. Because we keep thinking about the equally deserving 1,600 additional children still on our scholarship waiting list. How can we help more of them? Check out the Summer ’23 newsletter below and see what we have planned and some of the people who will help make it happen. Please mark your calendar for our big Annual Awards Dinner on October 24. Thank you to our three terrific honorees!    

May we ask you to consider supporting a child for this school year – with a $2,000 scholarship for grade school or $4,000 for high school? You cannot imagine what a life-changing difference your support will mean – how much it will fill a child’s heart with hope and happiness! We know it will fill your own heart to be part of a child’s journey of opportunity.   

Looking forward to seeing you this school year. Thank you for making such a difference for the grateful children we serve.

With appreciation,

Prudence Pigott

President, Tri-County Scholarship Fund  


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