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Alumnus Update FEB 2014 Josh Ford


Now a sophomore on full scholarship at Colgate University, Josh Ford excels both athletically and academically. Josh received Tri-County scholarships for several years while attending Paterson Catholic and later DePaul Catholic.

When in high school Josh maintained a 3.89 grade point average and National Honor Society membership while volunteering time at his church and in the community as well as being an outstanding athlete. “Josh demonstrated his commitment to academics while also giving back,” said Benjie Wimberly, a Paterson N.J. Assemblyman, and one of Josh’s previous football coaches. “The thing that stood out the most was…Josh is not just a student-athlete, he is somebody who has high moral standards and outstanding character…somebody that the kids and the coaches respected.”

John Galka, DePaul guidance counselor, has great respect for Josh’s consistent hard work and performance despite adversity. “Josh made the most of opportunities that were afforded to him and really understands what a good education could do for him,” said Galka.

The day to day commitment required for high levels of achievement in both academics and sports is not easy. “My main struggle now is trying to find a balance. I have very little free time but my faith keeps me strong,” said Josh. The fact that his parents have always been great role models has kept Josh strong too. “They are both hard-working, never taking no for an answer…and helping me achieve my goals,” said Josh.

Josh has plans for his career. “I want to graduate with a pre-Med focus in Biology and go on to get a Master’s in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. I want to work with high school and college teams, and help kids in any way I can.”  

Benjie Wimberly, knows what makes Josh an exceptional human being. “It was so refreshing to have someone like Josh who understands his civic and community obligations…benefits from a good education…and wants to share those gifts,” said Wimberly. “I’ve coached a bunch of Division I players…including Victor Cruz now with the Giants. Josh is one of the best young men all-around that I’ve ever dealt with in 25 years of coaching and in education.”


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