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2014 Spring Appeal

I want to thank you for helping us to improve the lives of some 500 children each year.  Your generosity to the Tri-County Scholarship Fund has enabled us to significantly raise the scholarship amounts we give to students in grades K-12 in Morris, Passaic and Sussex counties.

How does your donation help our students?  Let me introduce you to Alessandra Veliz, from Paterson, NJ.  Alessandra is the daughter of a single parent and a senior at De Paul Catholic High school in Wayne, NJ.  Alessandra captivated the minds and hearts of all who were present at our annual awards last October with her moving testimony about the difference a great school makes.  Listen to her words:

“De Paul taught me to try harder and push myself.  I found my passion and I challenged myself until I stopped being afraid to fail.  I find myself now dreaming of attending one of the best universities in the country and working hard towards that goal.  I’ve changed.  I know what I’ve been called to do.  I want to be a writer and a filmmaker.  I want to inspire millions and touch hearts.  More than that, I want to come back to this dinner one day to show you that your support can mean so much even when young students don’t realize it.  I have high aspirations.  I know I’m only 16.  However, when this many people show so much support, kids like me can’t help but dream big.  I want to make it.  I want to be successful.

I live across the street from one of the main public high schools in Paterson and there are days when I run into the kids I knew in elementary school.  Some of them have chosen not to go to college because they don’t see the point.  Others are hanging out with the wrong crowds to escape trouble at home and ruining their futures before their lives have really started.  I see a lot of lost potential, and dreams that are abandoned because of a need for support that wasn’t there for them.

I can stand here and tell you that my story is special, but the fact is that, thanks to your help, a lot of young men and women with similar stories of struggle have the potential to do great things now.  Your generosity not only inspires me to be different, but to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

At the young age of sixteen, Alessandra knew what she had been called to do:  to be a writer and a filmmaker, to inspire millions and to touch hearts.  Now she’s 17, and Alessandra was notified recently that she was accepted to the #1 ranked film school in the country:  the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University!  I’m confident we’ll be hearing a lot more of Alessandra in the future.

That’s the difference your donation makes!

There are many students like Alessandra.  In fact, in the past three years, nine of our Tri-County scholars have received full tuition scholarships to Colgate, Cornell, Villanova, Rutgers College of Engineering (2), Georgetown, UCLA and Notre Dame and now, NYU!  Many others who wish (or need) to remain closer to home, have received significant scholarships to attend Seton Hall, The College of St. Elizabeth, Montclair State, William Paterson, Fairleigh Dickinson and Caldwell College, among others.

When you realize the costs of the average private school ($12,000 for high school and $5,000 for grade school), and then compute that our typical profile is a single parent of three making $27,000/year, you get an insight into how critical these scholarships really are!  Your help is a game-changer and a life-saver.

On behalf of these wonderful kids, I’m asking if you would consider a tax-deductible gift of $100, $250, $500, or more to provide our students with a values-based education in a safe environment.  By doing so, you will lift a child out of the cycle of poverty and open the door of opportunity for a young person who might otherwise abandon his or her dreams.

In 2013 we helped almost 500 students; in 2014 we’d like to help many more!  Please do whatever you can to be part of the solution.  You may donate online at or make your check payable to Tri-County Scholarship Fund, Four Century Drive, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054.

On behalf of Alessandra and the hundreds of other students you have helped, thank you!

For the kids,

Gregory Floyd, President

Tri-County Scholarship Fund

P.S.  You may include Tri-County in your will or your planned giving.  Please check for details about the Hennessy Rodimer Legacy Society.

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