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Winter e-News 2022

President's Message

Dear Friends of Tri-County Scholarship Fund,

The third year of the pandemic presents continuing financial challenges for inner-city families and our scholarship children. But at Tri-County Scholarship Fund, we are pleased to report that all 58 of our partner schools have remained open, teaching and nurturing the 770 children who have received one of our Tri-County Scholarships for this school year.

This winter newsletter celebrates our students, our schools, and the donors and event honorees who will make this year of 2022 as rewarding as was last year’s 40th Anniversary of Tri-County Scholarship Fund. Thank you to all of you who continue to make it possible for these K-12th grade students to attend the safe, quality, independent schools that their families choose for their children, and just need a little financial help to afford. Thank you. You are making a difference in their lives. Please join us in 2022 as together we uplift even more children through education. With appreciation,

Prudence Pigott


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