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Victor Brito, Alum

Victor Brito graduated Manhattan College in 2019 with an engineering degree. Ever since then, he has been a successful Construction Administration Engineer with BR+A Consulting Engineers.

Growing up in Paterson Victor looked to his mom and big sister Betty, a nurse. Both were strong influences in his life, shaping his values and character.

“My mom has worked hard every day of her life. She deeply believes in education and proved it by studying at night while working to earn her GED. This enabled her to get a job as a day-care assistant.” She wanted a quality education for Victor but couldn’t afford the full tuition of an independent school.

Said Victor, “My mom discovered Tri-County, who helped with my tuition. At DePaul High School, I was inspired by my physics teacher to achieve academic excellence. If my mom hadn’t found Tri-County, I might have ended up being on the streets every day.”


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