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Tri-County Offerings to Inner-City Students

Aware that an education is much more than sitting in class, Tri-County Scholarship Fund has been moving aggressively in the past year to increase the number of and range of “outside the classroom” learning opportunities it offers to its scholarship recipients.

In October of ’07, one TCSF trustee opened up his beautiful farm in Tewksbury, NJ to three hundred TCSF grade school students. There, the children were treated to an entire day of pony rides, pumpkin-picking, clowns, inflatable rides, face-painting and, of course, lots of food!

October also saw the TCSF high school students sharing the annual awards dinner with Tyco CEO Ed Breen, the trustees, their guests and corporate donors. Virtually all the tables in the room were populated by Tri-County high school award recipients, enjoying the evening and