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2017 Summer 50/50 Raffle

Only 400 Tickets To Be Sold

Grand Prize of $20,000 (or 50% of sales)

Tri-County Scholarship Fund will be holding a 50/50 cash raffle at our 25th Annual Golf Invitational on Monday, June 5, 2017.  Tickets are $100 each.  If not all 400 tickets are sold, the prize pool will equal 50% of total ticket sales.

Raffle tickets can be requested by e-mailing Minnie Simon at

The outing will be held at the Morris County Golf Club in Morristown, New Jersey.

# of Tickets1 Ticket $100.00 USD2 Tickets $200.00 USD3 Tickets $300.00 USD4 Tickets $400.00 USD5 Tickets $500.00 USD6 Tickets $600.00 USD7 Tickets $700.00 USD8 Tickets $800.00 USD9 Tickets $900.00 USD10 Tickets $1,000.00 USDName to appear on Ticket


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