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Ways to Give

Feeling grateful for the education that you received? Why not fundraise to help a needy student get the same leg up that you did? These children and their families want the same opportunity to receive a safe, quality, values-based education that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Celebrating a milestone? Let your special day help fund a scholarship for a needy child. Let your friends and families know that the best gift they can give you is to help an inner city child get the education they deserve and desire. Share your fundraiser on social media and send it in a text or email. 

Who needs another hostess gift?Having a party?—let your friends know that you would prefer that they donate to fund a scholarship for a needy child in lieu of a gift or hostess gift. Add the link to your fundraiser to your invitation. It's a win-win-win: for you, for your guests, and for a needy child.

Attention clubs, classes, or teams:

Put your collective efforts and service oriented goals in support of needy children. Your fundraising campaign could change the trajectory for a child by funding a scholarship to a safe, values-based, quality private school where students thrive.


can help a needy child

Start a Fundraiser

(It's easy to do.)

Give your campaign some style. Write a brief explanation and upload a photo of yourself. Choose an end date, set a goal — then publish your page.

Create and customise your fundraising page.


You have your goal — so let’s help you get there. Post on social media or send friends and family a quick email to let them know about your fundraiser. 

Spread the word on social media and email.


Let your friends and family know that their donation will help change the trajectory for a needy inner city child and lead them out of generational poverty.

Thank your donors with a personal email!

That's all it takes.
Are you ready to make a difference?
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