For alumni

Alumni of Tri-County Scholarship Fund play a vital role as ambassadors for the organization. From speaking to small groups to speaking at events with 500 people; from being part of our Young Professionals group to becoming trustees; from working with donors to volunteering at our major events, our alumni are an irreplaceable part of who we are.

They are doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, engineers, accountants, members of the police force and the Armed Forces. They are graduates of New Jersey’s community colleges and top universities; they are also alumni of Colgate, Cornell, Villanova, UCLA, Georgetown, Penn, Columbia, Notre Dame and others too numerous to mention.

If you are a Tri-County alum and would like to get in touch with us/volunteer/pay it forward, give us a call at 973 984-9600 or email us at msimon@tcsfund.org

Help give a child the gift of an education.

With your donation, students are given need-based scholarships to attend elementary and high schools where they are virtually guaranteed to graduate and then go on to college. You can make a transformative difference in their lives by contributing to the Tri-County Scholarship Fund. None of us can do everything but each of us can do something.