Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

A Message From Tri-County President Gregory Floyd

To all our friends:

In Tri-County the miracle continues: among the private and parochial high schools that Tri-County Scholarship Fund students attend, there is a 99% graduation rate!

You are saving children by your generosity to Tri-County Scholarship Fund:  saving their hope, their futures, their dignity.  You are saving them from the bleak despair of feeling like they have no future.  You are making a huge difference.

Will you help us continue to open the doors of opportunity for these children?  We want to ensure that all the students we’ve given scholarships to this year will have them next year as well, and that many more new students will be able to join the ranks of the Tri-County scholars.  Otherwise, they will return to schools that have been rated “persistently violent” and underperforming.  I know you agree that no child should have to experience that.  Will you give the gift of hope to a financially disadvantaged child in this season of giving?

With your donation, students are given need-based scholarships to attend elementary and high schools where they are virtually guaranteed to graduate and then go on to college.  Often, they are the first in their families to do so.  With a college education comes a break in the cycle of poverty they have grown up in.


Gregory Floyd

Your tax-deductible gift, like that of other TCSF Donors, allows Tri-County Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to students seeking access to a quality values-centered education at their local private schools, and supports Leadership & Development Programs for those children.  Learn more in our guide to charitable giving.

Through your charitable gift you can:

  • Make an Unrestricted Donation – which allows us to distribute scholarship aid and provide enrichment programs to the students with the greatest need.
  • Become an Education Sponsor – by providing between 50% and 100% of a student’s tuition, with the option of choosing the school and grade of the youngster you wish to support.  Sponsors may elect to remain anonymous while receiving written reports, or if they prefer, they can foster “writing” and/or mentoring relationships with the student.  The funding commitment is for the duration of the student’s elementary and/or high school career.
  • Help build the Endowment Fund – to provide long-term financial stability, security and growth to the Tri-County Scholarship Fund’s mission, goals and operations.  The investment earnings on your gift will be used each year to support scholarships and programs.  Gifts to the endowment are a permanent investment in our mission and programs.  Your gift can be directed to the general endowment fund – a named endowment fund can be established for a gift of $25,000 and above.
  • Sponsor a Leadership/Development Program Activity – by underwriting the cost of a field trip, an enrichment workshop for high school students or a “Shakespeare Live!” performance at one or more of the schools attended by our scholarship recipients.