Create a scholarship

Create a scholarship

Give the priceless gift of an education to a child who wants nothing more than to learn, to grow and to succeed. With a 98%-100%  high school graduation and college acceptance rate, your donation is a great investment and a priceless gift.

$2,000.00 secures a seat in grade school for a child for one year.

$4,000.00 secures a seat in high school for one year.

$5,000 secures a Freedom Scholarship for one year for our most academically gifted students, which is matched 100% by our participating high schools (doubling its value to $10,000).

Scholarships may be given on an annual basis or may be grouped, as in the 9 years of grade school (K-8) or the 4 years of high school.

For more information and a menu of giving options, click on the Donate button.