Alum Rab Razzak Gives Back

Tri-County Success Story: Rab Razzak

Tri-County Success Story: Rab Razzak

Board Member and TCSF alum Rab Razzak, like many of Tri-County’s recipients, faced the challenge of attending a failing public school system while growing up in Paterson’s inner city. Razzak displayed natural academic ability from an early age and was determined to realize his dream of becoming a medical doctor. After his family applied for and was awarded TCSF aid in 1990, Razzak was able to enroll in Paterson Catholic High School -one of four children in his family to do so with Tri-County’s support.

Rab Razzak Basketball BenefitRazzak graduated Paterson Catholic in 1994 and was named Senior of the Year and Student Athlete of the Year, before attending Bangladesh Medical College to pursue his medical degree. He is currently a third year Internal Medicine resident at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center and seeks to enter a fellowship in a hematology-oncology program in the Tri-State or D.C. area.

Believing that “the measurement of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away,” Razzak volunteered in January of 2004 to become one of TCSF’s newest trustees. As the first trustee who is also a former recipient, Razzak has taken an active role in the organization, hosting a Basketball Benefit for TCSF in May of 2004 that raised $600.

“Since a handful of residents and fellows at the hospital play basketball on a regular basis, some of the doctors and I talked about setting up a basketball tournament,” Razzak recalls. “One of my attending physicians suggested that the event be for charity, and I felt that TCSF was the most deserving of the proceeds.”

Razzak was eager to give back to the organization he says has provided him and others with “significant opportunities to obtain a quality education.”

In the game, held at the Wayne Police Athletic League, the young staff doctors of St. Joseph’s competed against the older MDs for “bragging rights.” In the end the younger physicians secured that privilege by winning a spirited contest.

Razzak is looking forward to hosting the tournament annually and maintaining his involvement with Tri-County, saying “I am glad we were able to raise money for TCSF, and am confident the turn-out next year will be even better.”Rab Razzak Basketball

President Donna Meade-MacMillan commended Razzak for his service to TCSF, remarking, “Rab has shown an exceptional commitment to the work of fighting poverty through education. The basketball tournament is a testament to the great energy and creativity he brings to the organization.”

Indeed Rab is one of the many outstanding trustees of TCSF who are committed to providing educational scholarships that achieve healthy and productive lives for the area’s most impoverished children.