Scholarships Help Paterson Family Overcome Adversity

Tri-County Success Story: Allison Ramos

Tri-County Success Story: Allison Ramos

Alison Ramos lives in one of the poorest sections of Paterson, New Jersey. She struggles on a daily basis to pay for food, rent, and public utilities so that she can provide a stable and secure life for her four children, Miguel, Kyle, Ashley, and Samantha. Having left an abusive relationship with her husband ten years ago, Mrs. Ramos is devoted to providing a better future for her children, despite the overwhelming odds against them.

Miguel Ramos Success StoryLiving in a drug and crime-ridden neighborhood, and lacking the financial means to relocate her family, Mrs. Ramos realized that education was the only way to lift her family out of poverty. One major obstacle, however, was that she made barely enough to pay the public service bill every month, let alone tuition for her four children to attend private school.

However, Mrs. Ramos’ hope for her children’s future never wavered and she continued to believe that a good education would free her children from a life of poverty. Her faith was finally rewarded when several years ago she had the good fortune to meet Sister Joanne, the principal of Blessed Sacrament Elementary School, while walking her family down 6th Avenue in Paterson. Recognizing that Mrs. Ramos was determined to provide her children with a quality education, and that the family was in serious need of financial assistance, Sister Joanne referred them to Tri-County Scholarship Fund.

Because of what Miguel Ramos calls the “generosity and love” of TCSF, he and his three siblings were able to begin their studies at Blessed Sacrament School. The children have thrived in the value-centered and disciplined learning environments of Blessed Sacrament and Paterson Catholic High School where Miguel and Ashley are currently enrolled.

Miguel has succeeded in school despite developing myopia at an early age.He is thankful for both his mother’s perseverance and the aid from TCSF that allowed he and his siblings access to a better educational opportunity. Said Miguel, “Tri-County has allowed my mother to give us the gift of a quality education she otherwise could not do on her own.”Miguel Ramos

Samantha graduated from Paterson Catholic in 1996 and took time off to work and save for college. She is currently doing well in her second year at Seton Hall University – proving that in a supportive, value-centered school, children from any family or financial background can excel.

Indeed, for many low-income families, education is the only way to escape the cycle of poverty. Tri-County helps hundreds of these families each year by providing educational scholarships that achieve freedom and independence for disadvantaged kids like Miguel and his siblings.