Success Stories

Success Stories

Over the years, Tri-County Scholarship Fund has given out over 30,000 scholarships, helping students and families in poorer communities overcome the mounting inequities in educational choices.  As this recent letter from the parent of a scholarship recepient shows, the support of Tri-County Scholarship Fund really makes a difference.

Tri-County Scholarship Fund graduates have gone on to do many great things.  Below we have detailed some of the countless success stories of TCSF graduates.

Rob and Mannan Razzak

TCSF Scholars Rob and Mannan Razzak on Board of Trustees

Mannan and Abdul Rab (Rob) Razzak were born in Bangladesh.  Their parents, Nurjahan and Mohammad, decided to relocate to the United States in the late 1970s for better opportunities for their five children.  They grew up in Paterson, NJ.  Four of the five children, Wahed, Mannan, Nurnahar and Rob attended Public School #2 and Paterson Catholic Regional High School.  While at Paterson Catholic, they were recipients of the Tri-County Scholarship Fund.  Today, they are both on the Board of Trustees at Tri-County Scholarship Fund.  Read more about Rob and Mannan’s Success Story.

Allison Ramos’s Success Story

TCSF Scholarships Help Paterson Family Overcome Adversity

Alison Ramos lives in one of the poorest sections of Paterson, New Jersey.  She struggles on a daily basis to pay for food, rent, and public utilities so that she can provide a stable and secure life for her four children, Miguel, Kyle, Ashley, and Samantha.  Having left an abusive relationship with her husband ten years ago, Mrs. Ramos is devoted to providing a better future for her children, despite the overwhelming odds against them.  Read more about Allison Ramos’s Success Story.

Trish Seibel DeVore’s Success Story

TCSF Alum Thrives in Corporate World

What can Trish Seibel DeVore teach us about success?  No matter what the circumstances, there is always a way to move ahead.  Trish maintains her beliefs were learned largely from the world around her – her mom, a single-parent, her older brother, and the people of the Tri-County Scholarship Fund.  Trish said her mother was convinced that since she was a single parent, her two children would do better in the small family oriented environment of a value-centered parochial school, however she did not have the financial means to afford this type of education.  Read more about Trish Seibel DeVore’s Success Story.

Miguel Franco’s Success Story

Life in Marines offers discipline and job training for TCSF Alum

If the success of Tri-County’s scholarship recipients is measured by hard work, courage in the face of adversity, devotion to family, and academic skill, Miguel Franco – a TCSF recipient from 1999 until 2003 – is an example of extraordinary accomplishment.  Read more about Miguel Franco’s Success Story.

Board of Trustees Member and TCSF Alumni Rab Razzak

TCSF Alum Gives Back

Board Member and TCSF alum Rab Razzak, like many of Tri-County’s recipients, faced the challenge of attending a failing public school system while growing up in Paterson’s inner city.  Razzak displayed natural academic ability from an early age and was determined to realize his dream of becoming a medical doctor. After his family applied for and was awarded TCSF aid in 1990, Razzak was able to enroll in Paterson Catholic High School -one of four children in his family to do so with Tri-County’s support.  Read more about Rab Razzak’s Success Story.