AlumUpdate NOVEMBER 2014

AlumUpdate NOVEMBER 2014

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alexa giuliano


Both on and off the basketball court, there is no doubt that Alexa Giuliano has “got game”.  Her talent, grit and determination to succeed are evident in both her academic achievements and sports triumphs.

After Tri-County provided scholarships that enabled Alexa to attend Morris Catholic High School, she received numerous academic awards including the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society.  She also made time to “give back” by being involved with “Blankets for Babies”, a group that knits and donates blankets to the babies of low-income mothers.

She also led Morris Catholic to three Morris County Basketball Tournament titles, three conference and sectional championships and made 79 3-pointers as a senior, the fourth most in New Jersey.  Numerous college programs reached out to her, but Alexa chose Columbia University because of the academics as well as the opportunity to play basketball.  “Academics were definitely a huge part of this decision,” says Alexa.  “Getting into Columbia was one of my toughest tasks”.  But she persevered.  “My dad had a tough life growing up and always had to work hard.  My parents instilled in me the quality of never giving up and reaching for your goals,” says Alexa.

Columbia’s Basketball Coach Stephanie Glance sensed Alexa’s potential early on.  “I’ve been coaching for 26 years.  Alexa impressed me so much because she played very hard and had the ability to hit a number of game-winning shots.  She has confidence, perseverance, resilience, a competitive spirit and mental toughness as well as being a person of great character.  She is willing to do whatever is asked of her to help her team.  You don’t always see that in young players.  Alexa has great potential both athletically and academically,” says Glance.

“The coach is very supportive,” Alexa said.  “She knows it’s tough to transition to college. So she set up programs for the entire team to help us transition.”  One opportunity the coach arranged was a mandatory dinner where the team learned about social and dining etiquette.  Another is the Professional Enrichment Program (PEP), which pairs each student athlete with a female mentor who is a Columbia alumna and athlete.  Coach Glance explained, “It’s a great opportunity for our student athletes to connect with women who have succeeded at the highest levels of their professions.  They meet several times a month to help prepare them for internships and careers as well as learning how to manage their time, and in the future, how to balance family and career.”

Pondering Alexa’s future, Coach Glance says, “Whatever profession Alexa chooses, she’ll be great at it and one of the best.  She puts her whole heart and soul into whatever she does.”

Alexa realizes that her current successes and opportunities all began with Tri-County donors.  “I want to thank them for all their support; without them, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend Morris Catholic and get a great education,” says Alexa.

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