2 Tri-County Alumni Hitting It Out of the Park at Villanova and Rutgers University

2 Tri-County Alumni Hitting It Out of the Park at Villanova and Rutgers University

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I have successfully kept a 3.75 GPA at Villanova University and have declared myself an Accounting major with a Finance minor. 

Currently I am studying in Italy this semester. I won a scholarship to study abroad, which made possible my coming here!  It is such a beautiful place. The culture shock has been strong but I am very happy to be studying here. Our student group is working with a local wine company. Our task is to help the owner bring his wine to the United States. We have to analyze markets, determine where to place his wine, and estimate the profitability of this plan. 

Last semester I met a recruiter from a major accounting firm and landed a paid internship for the summer. How exciting is that? I’d also like to continue helping Tri-County as much as I can. I am very busy with school but Tri-County has helped my family so much, and I feel the need to contribute to its success so other students can be blessed from the scholarships as I have.



I am enrolled in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program at Rutgers University. In addition, I am pursuing a minor in mathematics and a concentration in Packaging Engineering. I have been on the Dean’s List for the last few semesters with a GPA of 3.9 last semester. Aside from my studies, I take time to explore the many opportunities Rutgers offers.

I am currently involved in Engineers Without Borders, a program that lends a hand to third world countries which lack proper resources.  I’m also conducting research with one of my professors to develop alternative ways to harvest through the means of soft materials and wind energy.

So far I have applied to over 80 summer internships and won’t stop there. As I look forward at all the possibilities that lay before me, I remember that it all started with Tri-County. I ask that Tri-County continue to open doors and make dreams come true as they have for me. Thank you Tri-County!


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