2011 End of Year Appeal

2012 End of Year Appeal

2012 End of Year Appeal

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2011 End of Year Appeal

I wanted to thank you for the role you played in helping us to improve the lives of many children this past year.  Your generosity to the Tri-County Scholarship Fund enabled us to significantly raise the scholarship amounts we gave to some 600 students in grades K-12.    

In the 2012-2013 school year we made a very big leap, giving all our grade school students a $2,000 scholarship and all our high school students a $4,000 scholarship (note that  just two years ago, the scholarships were $900 for grade school and $2,500 for high school).  We could not do this without your generosity.  We also began a program called Freedom Scholars, to attract the brightest inner-city children we could find and send them to the best high schools in the area.  For the Freedom Scholars, we partner with several private schools to each contribute up to $5,000, thus assuring a group of brilliant (but needy) high school students safe passage all the way through high school.  They will, no doubt, be attending the top colleges in the country. 

Speaking of top colleges, this past year, three of our Tri-County scholars got full rides to college: one to Cornell, one to Colgate and one to Notre Dame!  We want to see more of that!

As is so often the case, the poor are hit the hardest when disaster strikes.  We have heard of families of our children who were very much affected by Sandy.   Many were without heat, power and water.  One family with four children was robbed and their belongings and money were taken.  Needless to say, the children were very shaken by the experience!  It is at times like this that the sense of community fostered by private schools provides not only a safe haven and academic excellence, but the warmth and comfort and concern that carries children and their families through times of hardship.  We want to make this experience available to many children who are stuck in under-performing schools.

In the current economy, families continue to be challenged bridging the TCSF scholarship award and the full tuition cost. When you realize the costs of the average private school ($10,000 for high school and $5,000 for grade school), and then compute that our typical profile is a single parent of three making $25,000/year, you get an insight into how critical these scholarships really are! 

In Tri-County the miracle continues: last year 100% of our Tri-County seniors graduated from high school, and 99% of that group went straight to college.  This year our students attend 34 elementary schools and 15 private high schools in northern New Jersey.  In many of our poorer areas, the public schools graduation rate is roughly 50%.  The difference your gift makes is incalculable.  It helps children like Mahogany, a senior who spoke at our dinner last month:

“As of now, I am currently focused on my future.  I plan to be the best lawyer that I can be, so that I can pay my mother back for all her hard work and suffering, so that I can become successful and maybe one day have the opportunity to listen to someone’s story just like mine and give them the help they need. So thank you, Tri-County Scholarship Fund, for helping me and my mom out when we needed it the most. Thank you for never letting me down.  Thank you for helping me better my education. Only God knows where I would have ended up if it wasn’t for Tri-County and I want to thank all of you here today, not only for listening to my story, but for helping me get on the right path to pursuing my dream.  Who knew that the sophomore transfer from Paterson could become the Senior Student Council President today?”


As we approach the season of giving, I’m asking if you would consider a tax-deductible gift of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more, so that we can continue to provide the ticket out of poverty: a first-class education.  Some of you may be in a position to become a Freedom Scholar partner and have a direct role in the life of a future leader.  In 2012 we helped almost 600 kids; in 2012 we’d like to help many more!  You may donate online by CLICKING HERE.    Thanks again for all you do to help the children.    

Gregory Floyd


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